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Year 3 Top Essays

38 Oxley Road: A Glimpse into the Domestic Interior of an (Extra)ordinary House
by NG Wan Ting Esther

Home to the 2 generations of political leaders, perhaps more importantly, home to Lee Kuan Yew the father of modern Singapore, 38 Oxley is indeed an extraordinary residence. It is the seat of power, for the leaders who have lead Singapore to the globalized city it is today, yet at the very basic level, a HOME.


There are 2 axis of responsibilities exist with the home. One occupied by Lee as a public figure in politics and the other responsibility occupied by Kwa (His wife) as the domestic mother figure in the household.


This essay explores the details within the house, its interior decorations and the alignment of the space. For the building is only a physical representation of the home and it is the occupants who embodies it.

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