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Whether I am teaching architectural design, thesis or architectural history and theory modules, my approach is broadly interdisciplinary. This is guided by my personal conviction that architecture is an interdisciplinary discipline. To gain a better understanding of who they are designing for, and how their designs might make a difference – or not – in the daily lives and experiences of potential occupants, architecture students need to be able to consider how architecture is perceived and used from ‘outside’ the field. For this to happen, one needs to read widely ‘outside’ architecture; take an interest in film, art, history, politics, social and cultural issues. All these influence, and are influenced by, architecture. To this end, my efforts have been directed towards an interdisciplinary curriculum which goes beyond the actual process of design. In all my courses, it is my goal that students develop knowledge and competencies in using architectural history/theory to frame architectural decisions, and to develop their own voice for effective communication.

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