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Year 3 Top Essays

Singapore: The Shopping, The Parade & The Race
by Frederick LOW

It is observed, that in an ever improving, technologically advanced society where capitalism and consumerism vie constantly for attention. Architecture, the citizen, the mechanical systems not to mention the shopping malls have all become part of an elaborate performance, a spectacle of sorts.


In Singapore, this modern day ‘spectacle’ can be experienced on a daily basis in the bustle of the city, reaching the very peak of its performance in the manifestation of the National Day Parade and the Formula 1 Night Race.


The parade and the race become the focal point of the entire city for the days leading up to the public events. It is now clear that the spectacles have moved beyond the realm of just architecture; it has spilled over on the streets involving the entire city. The question is, have we forgotten our roots and culture allowing ‘money-centric consumerism’ drive the ‘spectacles’ of our society; or have we learnt otherwise?

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