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Village by the Bay
by SONG Yu Chuan
Welcome to the Village by the Bay! We are located at where the grandstands of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix used to be. We are a hub for unofficial sporting activities such as Captain’s Ball, Cheerleading, Frisbee, Kiteflying, Quidditch...and the list are always expanding. Over here, every sports interests groups can create their own space using the container modules left behind by the old grandstand structure. Without official support, the groups come together to create our own agency. Over time, as our community grew, public amenities and residence for sportsmen were set up, various arts and creative groups joined our midst, together with businesses such as bistros and youth hostels, making us a bustling village all year round!.Today, we have become an important node connecting the entire bay area. Oh, have we not mentioned about the F1 Grand Prix? For three days a year in September, the Grand Prix comes to town and takes over the village, part of our village structure are converted to viewing platforms with minimal disruption to village activities. Some sports groups sublet their spaces to the race organiser during this period to generate income, while others just rejoice in the opportunity to be part of an event which showcases the diverse sporting and recreational culture of Singapore. With the Village by the Bay, the Singapore Grand Prix is no longer about an imported global spectacle imposing its presence on the city, but about being part of an ongoing national carnival celebrating the multiplicity and richness of the Singaporean lifestyle beyond the official national narrative.
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