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Social Archiving and Curating: From Personal Possessions to Public Legacy in Whampoa

Pl, National Heritage Board Heritage Research Grant. With PI A/P Thomas Kong (NUS) and Co-I Snr Lecturer Peter Chen (NTU).



Objects for Thriving

Direction: Lilian Chee and Ian Mun / Videography: Ian Mun / Editing: Ian Mun and Lilian Chee / Research: Lilian Chee

Thrive: to grow vigorously, flourish, or prosper.

Objects for Thriving deciphers the complexity of lived worlds in ordinary domestic objects. It focuses on the capacity of such domestic objects as affective mediators and repositories of experiences and events. The objects (a Butterfly sewing machine,  a Chinese claypot, a wooden ruler, a granite pestle and mortar) are both ordinary and extraordinary. The setting for each object -- within a domestic space -- changes the nature of how these objects are perceived. They are involved in identity formations, ritual continuity, meaning making. As an instrument embodying histories (personal, social, cultural), they are ordinary forms of heritage which continue to evolve and to matter in the everyday. They are instruments for living, or what we term objects for thriving.




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