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Interventions: Monument to the Machine

In CDTL Link, NUS, January 1999, p.10.

To investigate the fundamental aspects of making, Level One students in the School of Architecture worked on Constructions, a design assignment. Over 5 weeks during last semester, eighteen students from Studio B curated a joint exhibition called In(ter)ventions: Monument to the Machine in which they designed and erected monuments to six machines. Each team of three re-invented their chosen machines through their own interpretations, being challenged in the process, to rework familiar expectations, re-think the machine’s traditional typology and develop a better understanding of the concept of machines. The students were asked to explore form and meaning expressed through structures, constructions and materials. The models created were one-to-one in scale; many were conceived with moving parts illustrating a central idea. Emphasis was placed on rigorously manifesting meaningful interpretations through conceptual thought and through the physically precise art of fine crafting, detailing and making.

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