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Insinuating the Invisible

In "Care and Architecture", Special issue edited by Torsten Lange and Gabrielle Schaas, GTA Papers (Spring Issue 2022), forthcoming.

Care Repair.PNG


How does domestic caregiving impact scholarly questions, orientations, and methods? What does scholarly caregiving look like? What shape does intellectual society take as it inhabits the domestic spaces of care in a pandemic? These questions animate this workshop, which brings forward theories emerging in the process of profound domestic caregiving by scholars whose architectural historical work has been enriched by their empathy and entanglement with the care of others.

We enfold a range of themes into three panels, each with brief provocations by participants followed by a discussant’s response and moderated dialogue with audience members.


Moderator/ [ Ana Miljački, MIT ]


Speakers/ [ Jay Cephas, Princeton University ] [ Lilian Chee, National university of Singapore ] [ Delia Duong Ba Wendel, MIT ]





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