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Research by Design: Promise, Anxiety, and Insecurity in Academia

Organised by the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore. Convenors: Erik L’HEUREUX, Lilian CHEE



25 - 26 February 2021

Online Meeting Rooms

Research by Design: Promise, Anxiety, and Insecurity in Academia brings together academic leaders and design scholars from top architecture schools in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and the USA to ventilate contemporary concerns, pressing challenges and potential opportunities for design research in academia. The closed-door symposium, held in Singapore, will discuss the position of creative practice as legitimate forms of scholarly pursuit, pathways for career progression, and academic leadership.

In so doing, this symposium attempts to assess and fill the research gap risen by the shift from design research as core pursuit of architecture schools to traditional forms of science and humanities research output aligned to existing university frameworks. Against the homogenizing of design research towards traditional research paradigms, this symposium hopes to reposition the necessity and complexity of design research. It brings together Teacher/Architects, Designer/Writers and Researcher/Creative Practitioners who engage in a wide range of creative outputs in order to push the boundaries of architecture and generate new expertise. This symposium will serve to craft frameworks and guidelines that can contribute to university policies and set benchmarks for the presence and advancement of creative practice in the design academy.

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